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AYOS is born from a strong desire to increase the ag industry awareness about the possibility of exploiting and preserving the natural genetic resistance of plants to effectively curb diseases.

By unleashing the power of genomic for the agricultural industry, our mission is to allow precise and sustainable management of plant diseases, for a healthy soil, better yields and ultimately, healthier foods.

AYOS gives access to the most advanced technologies to growers, breeders, crop advisors, seed suppliers and research programs, in order to help them select the genetic that fits the right environment. 

Creating tools to precisely manage diseases

AYOS is a Canadian spin-off from the Soyagen project, one of the largest collaborative endeavor involving Canadian academic researchers, the private sector as well as international collaborators, to develop genomics-derived solutions to real-world challenges faced by the soybean ag industry. Over the past years, we are collaborating with internationally recognized research programs developing new technologies to offer the most advanced decision tools to the agtech market. By targeting the most important diseases affecting soybeans, we bring actionable informations that will in the end benefit to growers with long-lasting solutions.

Leadership Team

JĂ©rĂ´me Boissonneault-Laroche
[email protected]
Office: +1 (866) 296-7832 ext: 700

JĂ©rĂ´me is passionate about agriculture, technology and business. He joined AYOS to help farming stakeholders with new technologies to optimize their yields in a sustainable way and to help future generations . He is overseeing finance, human resources, business development and marketing. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time in the mountains, fishing or going biking with his family and lifelong friends.

Daphné Govare
Agronomist and Laboratory specialist
[email protected]
Office: +1 (866) 296-7832 ext: 701

Daphne Govare holds a bachelor’s degree in Agronomy and a master’s degree in Plant Science from Laval University. She previously worked as a project manager for the development of organic agriculture in Bas-Saint-Laurent, a region of Quebec. She is now a professional researcher in plant pathology in the lab of Professor Richard Bélanger at Laval University and a research specialist for AYOS Technologies. Passionate about science and agronomy, she has the interest to popularize and to participate to bridge between science and its application in the field.

RĂ©mi Maglione
VP of Technologies

[email protected]

RĂ©mi Maglione is a biotech entrepreneur in the agricultural sector, striving to make a positive impact on people’s lives through sustainable and equitable food production. He also co-founded Harvest Genomics to develop and deploy genomic technology for food production and safety, including the ToBRFv test for tomato virus detection. As Vice President of AYOS technologies, RĂ©mi is committed to using his expertise to help growers choose the right resistant soybean strain to combat Phytophthora disease. RĂ©mi is committed to promoting sustainability in agriculture by prioritizing regenerative practices, investing in research and innovation, and finding innovative solutions to industry challenges. RĂ©mi’s key skills as an entrepreneur are perseverance, adaptability and strong communication skills.

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